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When did you last check behind the loo doors?

Paradisos Hills view from the verandah
We are away on our annual holiday in Cyprus and as usual our hosts and all of the 
other business owners that we come into contact with are exceptionally warm and sincere and if we ask for something that is missing, isn’t on the menu or hadn’t been included then they do their utmost to accommodate us.   
I am pleased to say that in all cases they put it right and go that extra mile to help!  

However, this makes it sound that we are in a perfect place and just like the quality of things in England, it is far from that. 
Often the quality or standard of what is provided is lacking and in fact I frequently feel that there is simply a lack of awareness of just how customers are experiencing their service or product.  

When did the restaurant owner last look behind the doors in his loo’s, check the cups were clean or check whether the bulb worked in the bedside lamp or even deliver the car that was ordered instead of one that they thought would do! 

I say that because 10 years ago we arrived for our wedding at the old Paphos airport with numerous large suitcases packed with the wedding paraphernalia, we had ordered something big enough to take all of the bags and we got a Susuki Matiz!  It was so hysterical seeing us trying to squeeze suitcases into this tiny car plus both of us and to this day we still laugh! 

It certainly seems sometimes that many business owners don’t actually check how their staff are delivering their service or what their customers think, relying on Tripadvisor to do that for them. They have been trained right?

Don’t get me wrong the people here are the nicest people that I know and want their visitors to feel welcome and have a wonderful time and we love them to bits.  They are the reason that we return to the same holiday destination every year. 
But it got me thinking about my own service to customers and I wondered if my customers experience a level of service that although I am determined that I give- may not in reality deliver?  Particularly as our business is 12 years old!

Do I forget to check behind the loo doors? Do I give my clients the quality service that want or expect in the way that they expect it?  

When I get back I will examine more closely to see if I am leaving my customers wanting.  

So how often do you check that what you are delivering is ‘on the button’ with your clients?  Or when did you last check behind the loo doors!  Or do you simply respond to feedback when it comes up?

And on that note if any of my clients are reading this and I haven’t delivered a quality service or standard that was expected and you’ve never shared it with me, please, please, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or phone me on 07795 342329 so that I can correct what I do! 
There is no such thing as failure there is only feedback!
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Taking the risk out of recruitment

Recruitment has inherent risks and considering what is at stake, many adopt a rather relaxed approach to the employment process. If businesses are lucky, recruiting the wrong person simply has financial implications - losing money on agency fees, advertising costs and the investment of time. 

Wolf in sheeps clothing Small web sizeI was recently made aware of a case involving a new Sales Director. The selected candidate remained with the business for eight challenging months and when the dust had settled following their departure, the company analysed the cost implication which came to a staggering £121,000. At first glance, this appears to be farfetched but when broken down into recruitment costs and agency commission fees of £13,000, employment costs including salary, NIC and pension costs for eight months of £41,000, combined with the loss of profit on anticipated sales of £67,000 – then it is totally plausible. 
So how can businesses reduce the risk when recruiting?

The first and one of the most import steps is a ‘benchmark profile’ of the job. A suitable candidate cannot be expected to be found without analysing the position to be filled. 

By using assessments as part of the selection process, in addition to the more traditional CV, interview and references route – will not only help reduce risk in the process but also increase the likely success of the candidate in the role. Psychometric assessments are not some ‘dark art’ – they are a tried and tested method that can deliver positive results. Assessments elicit information about a candidate that cannot be obtained through the traditional interview process and add a logical, unemotional element which allow companies to compare candidates to find the best ‘fit’ for the role.

Of course, getting the right assessment is important and no one assessment fits every requirement which is why we have a range – from a short ‘step one survey’ which measures, personal integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic to the more in-depth assessment which measures ability, behavioural traits and motivational interest. 

To find out how Success Train can support your recruitment requirements - call Jackie Casey on 01384 402592
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