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Having a laugh at work helps employee wellbeing


People having fun at work


I saw an HR post about why being funny can boost your success in your career and of course I guess if you have someone in the office who is warm and friendly then this is bound to contribute towards their success in their career.

But having a laugh and a bit of fun in the workplace and ensuring that your employees are enjoying their work environment even if under pressure, can contribute hugely to their productivity. We know from a study referred to in may last blog that when people are enjoying a task then they do more of it and more efficiently.

When you laugh it releases some small amounts of hormones into the brain that makes you feel happier, more energised and it makes sense that you will therefore be more motivated to get something done. It helps working relationships and raises the mood of the group.

Of course, there will be a line in terms of having fun which shouldn’t be crossed, and this is where having your supervisors know and understand what is and isn’t acceptable is worthwhile.

If you want to be an employer of choice with a great workforce that represents your business in the right way, then the way that people feel, and think is important. Don’t think about wellbeing training as a ‘nice to do’ it might just be the difference that makes the difference to your people and maximises their performance in the workplace.

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