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Enjoy what you are doing and you will never have to work another day again!

Bored worker shutterstock 258018149Most people will have heard the saying above and this seems to be the case because research shows that workers who 
enjoy what they are doing, do more of it compared to those that might be doing what they consider to be dull or boring.  This of course will come as no surprise go most people!

This research carried out by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business suggests that as much focus needs to be paid to internal motivators for example the type of work that a person likes to do, as the external motivators such as pay and benefits.

Emotionally intelligent leaders and managers know that the key to productivity is engaging your employees in the business and their work and that relates to people doing the sort of task/jobs that they enjoy in an environment that is purposeful and where they feel valued.
It's also important to know that many people are not totally aware of exactly what motivates them. This was demonstrated during the study when workers were asked to choose between doing a dull but more highly paid task compared to doing a much more enjoyable but lower paid task.  Most people chose the higher paying less enjoyable task but after a period of time they were asked about their response and most people regretted the choice that they had made.  

To find out what triggers the motivation of the person you're interviewing you can ask questions from the Language and Behaviour (LAB) profile, these simple questions will help you to establish whether the role is right for the individual or not and provide you an insight into whether certain tasks within the role are likely to get done easily or not. 

Want to know how to ask these questions or know more about Emotionally Intelligent Leadership? Just give us a call on 07795 342329 

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