Available Courses

If you are interested in any of the courses below and would like more information please register your interest here. The list below is not exhaustive so if you have a particular requirement then do please get in touch here or simply call us on 01384 402592.

Equality and Diversity - Getting Started - 1 day

Improving Equality and Diversity Management - 1 day

Good Equality and Diversity Practice for Managers - 1 day

Managing Conflict - 1 day

Appraisal Training - having those difficult conversations - 1 day

Influencing Skills for Leaders and Managers - 1 day

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers - 2 days

Engaging Your Customer Through Better Customer Service Skills - 1 day

Managing Time to be more Effective - ½ day

Managing Stress - 1/2 day

Enhancing Your Leadership Skills - 1 day

Communication Skills for Managers and Leaders - 1 day

Corporate Social Responsibility-what it means for your business - 1 day

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