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Success Train Business – Developing your profile and improving your work-winning success

Success Train Business works with organisations like yours to build your business profile. We help businesses write successful Pre Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs), tender documents and awards entries to help them stand out from the crowd.

The information gathered during this process also helps us identify and implement necessary company systems and processes, improving buyer comfort, reducing risk and increasing supply chain resilience.  If you want to sell to the public sector successfully you will to adjust your approach to suit their expectations.

Your PQQs, tenders and awards entries need to demonstrate that your business is aligned with customer and judge expectations and stand up to the most rigid of scrutiny. Use our skills and industry insight to ensure that your submissions meet these expectations and communicate your abilities effectively.

Roy Casey leads Success Train Business. He has repeatedly transformed people and processes to improve the performance and profile of client companies. Being exposed to a variety of businesses and industry requirements throughout his career has put him in the perfect position to help other companies raise their own profiles. What Success Train Business offers:

STB moduleCompany Profiling & Systems Development

  • Matching your Company's profile to market expectation.
  • Review and development of existing systems/procedures.
  • Efficiency and risk reduction with new systems/procedures.
  • Writing and implementing ISO and BS systems.
  • Policies customers expect, and their implementation.
  • Capturing hard and valuable evidence of performance.
  • Re-shaping your profile.

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STB moduleWriting Successful Submissions

  • Pre Qualification Questionnaires and Pre Selection Questionnaires
  • Tender Responses
  • Entries for Awards
  • Specifications
  • Evaluating Draft Submissions

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STB moduleTraining & Development

  • Public Procurement Regulations and Training
  • Contracts and Contract Development
  • Policies and Systems that meet Client Expectation
  • Writing less risky Specifications and Reports
  • Forming Collaborations and Collaborative Working

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