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What you think is important to a customer, and what is really important to them can be surprisingly different.  The way that your business is perceived is as much to do with how you run your business as what your business does.  The secret to success lies in making yourself look as attractive to a potential customer as possible.  There are key techniques that we can implement to help you achieve this.

STB moduleCompany Profiling

Does your business present itself in a consistent fashion? If it doesn’t, you could confuse potential customers and put them off working with you. Applying a consistent style to your policy and statement documents and ensuring that all of your staff members communicate the company message are just some of the ways that we can help you in re-shaping your profile to match the market’s expectation Let us identify your customers’ expectations, highlight any gaps and help you implement the solutions that will match your company’s profile to market expectation.

STB modulePolicy of Success

If it’s not your specific job, it can be difficult to keep up to date with legislation and codes of practice.  You can lose business if your customer has a list of policies and associated procedures they expect their supply chain to operate but you neither recognise these nor know how to answer the associated questions.  We can help you with policies customers expect, and their implementation via reviews, gap analysis, updating existing policies and implementing new ones.

STB moduleProof of Performance

The systematic collection of evidence makes a powerful and valuable contribution to your business profile. Whether it’s a portfolio of activity, testimonials or independent customer satisfaction surveys of your customers on your behalf, we can help you by capturing hard and valuable evidence of performance and giving you a collection of important data to impress new customers. We can also help you enter and win awards which evidence your good work.

STB moduleSystems Development

As a business grows, systems and procedures tend to be developed as required. Lack of formal processes or documented procedures can mean that systems aren’t effectively joined up, and can present a negative image to your clients. We can conduct a review and development of existing systems/procedures to make you more effective.

It’s as important to work “on” your business as work “in” it. As a business grows, changes have to be made. Sticking to old processes can be inefficient, costly and create risks within your business. We can help you implement increased efficiency and risk reduction with new systems/procedures so that your business can grow successfully.

Knowing that an independent certification body is auditing performance gives customers confidence. If your customers want suppliers to have ISO and BS certificated systems, then you have to have them. We can help you have these written and implement ISO and BS systems so that you’re more attractive to potential customers. Different sectors of industry have variying focuses so there is no one size fits all when it comes to certificated systems and performance accreditations.

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